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Introducing heat pumps: the eco-friendly alternative to gas boilers

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Renewable energy is all the rage these days, particularly for businesses. Environmentally conscious ethics within your business structure is a great trait to have with regards to corporate image, and will only grow in importance over time. As recent news suggests, the prices of gas is surging to record highs as 2021 Winter fast approaches. Now could be the very best time to invest in a cheaper, more eco-friendly alternative to the gas boiler – the heat pump.

What is a heat pump?

The heat pump allows you to generate your own heat, as it takes the air from outside your premises, and compresses it in order to make it warmer. While it requires electricity in order to run, it is designed to use less electricity than a boiler uses gas – making for a cheaper and greener way to heat up your home or office. There are various different types of heat pumps that serve different means. You have the air source heat pump that warms up the air, (as described above) and the air to water heat pump, which is used to heat up your water. You can also reverse this to cool down the air and water within your property.

The heat pump hasn’t received as much coverage as it deserves in recent times, such is the sweeping popularity that the boiler holds over UK businesses and homes. As heat pumps utilise outside air, you may have concerns that they will not perform as well in colder weather. Fear not though, as they also operate just as well in winter months, and function perfectly well into the minuses.


Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Energy efficient and a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Government plans are in place to phase out gas heating, so you would be one step ahead by installing a heat pump.
  • You can actually earn money on the renewable energy that you produce through fuel saving incentives.


  • They can be more expensive to install than boilers, ranging from £9,000-£11,000 in costs, not including the cost of upgrading radiators and other appliances to handle the hardware. Saying that, you may save money on your overall energy bill, which could pay you back in the long run.
  • They require you to make space outside of your premises for a condenser unit.
  • Can take longer to heat up.

Costs of a heat pump

Costs can vary for the installation and running of your heat pump. They usually relate to a number of factors including how warm you want your home to be, how big your home is, and what insulation measures that you already have in place. Also, the better that your property is insulated, the more it will be able to retain the heat for longer inside the premises. Research shows that you could save up to £1,300 per year on your energy bills.

Other considerations

When looking to install a heat pump, it is important to bare in mind that you will need space outside of your property for a condenser system to fit. They are typically rectangular boxes that stand 2-3 feet high and about 6 inches wide. The fan inside of the heat pump can also cause quite a lot of noise so bare that in mind if it is near an office or bedroom.

Where can I get a heat pump?

Many suppliers offer heat pumps nowadays in a bid to prepare for the gas boiler ban in 2035. If your current supplier doesn’t have them available, then switching to a supplier that does has never been easier. Especially if you go through us here at Bright Utilities.

We will act on your behalf to negotiate the best deal on the market for a supplier that offers heat pumps as part of their service.

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