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How to save energy in different seasons of the year

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Different times of the year call for different measures when it comes to saving as much as possible on your energy bills. From the blistering heights of summer to the freezing depths of winter, here are a few tips on how to adapt your home to deal with the elements while saving as much money on your bill as possible.


Ice pops, beaches and BBQ’s mean that we spend the most time outside during the glorious summer months, so don’t use as much energy indoors. Longer days also means that we don’t use our lights as much. In saying that, we use our energy up in different ways. Air conditioning and electric fans are big consumers of electricity in Summer. One way to counteract this is by attempting to prevent the heat from entering your premises. This can be done by sealing up any gaps in your building. This makes sure that the cool air stays in, and the hot air out. Battery powered fans may be a good option instead of using up your internal electricity. You can buy battery multi packs on the cheap from any of your favourite local pound shops.

So when the first day of summer rolls around (June 21st), you now know how to save some pocket money for cocktails on the beach.


Autumn is the middle ground where Summer starts to roll out and little hints of Winter begin to come around. The leaves fall off the trees, and you might begin to dig out your jumpers and big coats as you start to feel that noticeable chill in the air. That leads us to our first tip for saving in Autumn – making use of those woolly jumpers and blankets that you have neglected throughout the Summer months. If we are treated to the odd bit of sun, it is likely that the temperatures will still be fairly mild, so you could benefit from opening blinds and letting your sunlight into the house or office to make use of the heat, courtesy of mother nature.

Apply these tips and the leaves won’t be the only thing falling in Autumn, but your energy bill too!


Out of all seasons of the year, it is no surprise that winter demands the highest energy consumption rates, as temperatures plummet and homeowners/businesses across the nation ramp up their heating. Darker evenings also mean that more indoor lighting is required, thus further sapping electricity costs. It also costs more to use energy in winter, as demand for delivery means that the tax goes up.

Apparently, for every 1 degree that you turn down, you can save around 2.5% on your energy bill in Winter months. It is worth experimenting to see what temperature you are comfortable with, and trying not to exceed that limit. One that may not need repeating but is still extremely important, is to keep all doors shut as you pass through your office or home.

Have you ever thought about triple glazing? They’re like double glazing, but the extra layer gives out even less heat and noise within the premises. This is great for the winter chills (and maybe noisy Christmas parties).


As Winter fades, and you begin to start seeing a bit of light upon leaving work, it means that your energy bill will hopefully begin to reduce again. When you begin to notice these changes, it is time to once again switch up your energy saving habits.

While your premises will have likely been sealed shut for the past few months, it may now be time for you to open your windows again and embrace the fresh air. You might still have your fair share of crisp days as the winter cold says its goodbyes for another year, but you will naturally find yourself opening your windows more. As signs of summer start to shine through, then its time to get outside, invite some friends round and dust off your BBQ. Not only will this be the first sign of summery months, but will also save energy usually used when cooking indoors. Be sure to cook enough leftovers to last you a few more days to really reap the benefits!


So now that you know how to make the most of your energy no matter what time of the year, you’ll never be short of a quick cost effective tip on how to solve a temperature problem in the office or at home. In saying that, while all of this can hugely benefit what you pay, there is a chance that you may be paying over the odds for your energy bills for no other reason than your provider charging you too much – in spite of all of your energy saving efforts. So if you think that this may be the case, why not visit us here at Bright Utilities where we can help you switch provider easily?

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