How to Reduce Water Consumption at Work?

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So you are probably wondering how to reduce water consumption at work. Here in the UK, there is something of a shortage of water that is available per person. This might come as a surprise considering how much rain we have every year. 

It’s down to the fact that as a nation, we do not have as many resources available to collect, purify and distribute water as a product to consumers – which is practically all of us here in the UK! This means that water is known as a finite resource, which means that we need to reduce our consumption of it wherever we can. According to Maintain Drains there is around 3.5 billion litres of water wasted every single day, at an average of 150 litres per person – so there is still plenty of room for improvement for the majority of us.  

This doesn’t only apply to when you’re at home with your personal water bill, but also when in the workplace. Making efforts to watch your water usage will not only result in a more positive workplace environmentally, but also financially. This will benefit both business owners and employees alike, as the more money saved means more space for funding. (such as with wages or other company benefits.) If you heat your water at work – reducing your water will also mean that you are reducing your energy too. 

Reduce water consumption at work as a business owner

  • As a business owner, it could be useful to apply an incentive within your company to limit the water usage. This will also to reward your staff in the process. Putting up signs and raising general awareness of the water efficient stance within the company can help achieve this. 
  • Identify and fix any leaks as soon as possible. Conduct regular maintenance checks of the whole premises – both inside and outside. This ensures that your water systems are in full working order. Just one leak in a pipe can result in a loss of up to 20 gallons of water per day.             
  • If you have not yet done so, install a meter. This will result in you paying the correct amount in relation to your companies water usage. Unmetered customers play a standard fixed rate, which will likely be more than you could be paying with a meter.
  • If you do have a meter – great! Just make sure that you conduct regular meter readings. This is to provide an up to date and accurate reading to your supplier, who will then charge you accordingly. If you do not conduct regular checks, then you will be charged for an estimated amount. This could mean that your water saving efforts are overlooked in your bill. Regular meter readings can also make it easier to identify leaks in the premises. It is good to also complete a water audit. This is similar to a water reading, but is a more detailed assessment of your business water use, allowing you to take control of your business water use. 
  • Investing in more water efficient plumbing is another sure fire way to reduce your consumption of water. It is possible to install low flow piping, toilets, sinks and any other outlets within your premises. 
  • Seek advice from water efficient organisations such as Enworks, who are available to grow businesses in more environmentally and economically friendly ways. 

  • You could even pay less tax if your business makes use of more environmentally friendly products. 

  • Switch business water providers. We’ll expand on this in more detail below. 

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When you go greener with your business water consumption, everyone’s a winner.

Now, if you have made all of these adjustments to your business water consumption infrastructure, but your water bill is still having a significant effect on your outgoings – then it is time to switch providers.

Here at Bright Utilities, we are able to use our advanced software to search the business water market and show you all of the best deals available to you and your company. Start a quote today, and one of our dedicated members of staff will work with you every step of the way. Once you have identified a provider who can save you more money, we will act on behalf of in order to secure the deal and work through all of the finer details. Consider us as an additional member of your team who has your best interests at the core of everything that we do. We want to cultivate an ongoing relationship with you and  help you reduce not only your water, but your gas and energy bills too. Get in touch!

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