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How to prepare for the 2035 gas boiler ban

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So what is the 2035 gas boiler ban, and how can you prepare?

As ambitious as it may seem, the government’s plans to reduce carbon emissions in the UK to zero by 2050 would make for a greener, cleaner country. One huge contribution to this will be the banning on gas boiler sales as of 2035. These plans would see an incredible 78% reduction on emissions from 1990.

Carbon Emissions are a worldwide problem, but it is the responsibility of the country to make a collective effort in improving the issue with our future generations in mind.

What does the boiler ban mean for me?

The term ‘Boiler Ban’ can have its misinterpretations. If you own property that uses a boiler, you won’t have to legally get rid of your boiler in 2035. It is the sale and installation of boilers that will be banned. This includes new builds too. So don’t worry about having to reinstall a new energy system into your home if you’re not in the best position to do so.

In saying this, you can expect the government to roll out incentives and funding to push property owners to make the switch in coming years. Find more information on these below:

Renewable Heat Incentive

Even at this early stage, incentives are being put in place for property owners who switch to renewable energy sources. Providing you stay within their requirements, you can actually earn money for the amount of renewable energy that you produce. You can calculate how much you could earn here.


gas boiler ban, gas hob
Government Energy Grants

There is support available for property owners who may struggle in one way or another to efficiently heat their premises. Carbon footprint reduction is kept in mind within these grants. These grants include free insulation and more installations which will help you save on energy. Many suppliers offer these grants, even more so than the government do.

What are the alternatives to a gas boiler?

Electric heating

By switching to electric, you will transfer your gas consumption over to your electricity. This obviously means higher electricity bills, but the overall cost of electric heating can be cheaper in the long run. Also be sure to factor in your installation fees. However, this of course is a fantastic way to prepare for the 2035 gas boiler ban.

Heat pumps

Probably the most eco-friendly alternative option is the heat pump. This involves installing a condenser outside of your property, which gathers heat from the air or the ground (depending on your type of heat pump) and compresses it into hot air to heat up your property. Installation fees can surpass £10,000 and requires you to have space for the condenser unit. But as the heat is sourced from the environment, it is the best way to make use of the renewable energy that the world has to offer. You may find that your bills are reduced in the long run too.

District heating

District heating involves the mass heating of properties in a vastly populated area. This includes flat blocks or industrial estates. Having just one main source of energy makes consumption rates easier to manage and can result in cheaper energy bills. Huge heat pumps are usually used for this.


With plenty of alternative options available these days, from solar power to heat pumps, it might be wise to make the fuel switch sooner than later. Whether you run a business or own a home, getting one step ahead of the Governments push to reach this goal in 2035 comes with its advantages. With gas prices currently at a record high off the back of the pandemic, switching now will result in you avoiding these increasing rates. While the initial costs of switching (such as installation fees) may seem a fairly large amount, you will likely benefit in the long run when you see your reduced energy bills every month. It’s very much a worthwhile investment, especially since the 2035 gas boiler ban isn’t as far off as you might think it is.

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If your current electricity supplier has given you a high-priced renewal, get in touch with Bright Utilities before going ahead with the renewal. Moreover, having an experienced broker like us in your corner could help you negotiate a much better business electricity deal. We will also even handle every last detail of switch business energy supplier. From all the paperwork to negotiating with electricity suppliers, the whole aim is to save your business money and get the best energy deal for your business electricity.

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