Get clever with smart meters

Smart meters are leading the future of technology designed to help manage energy usage and cut down on costs for many houses and businesses across the UK. Across the country, there were a recorded 24.2 million smart meters installed in homes and businesses as of 31st March 20221. 

You too can join in the green revolution by getting one installed at no extra cost. 

What are smart meters?

Smart meters are small electronic devices that track your energy and gas usage over time and accurately tell you how much money it’s costing you. Additionally, smart meters can immediately send these meter readings directly to your supplier so you won’t have to and can avoid paying fixed rates.

With smart meters, companies and properties don’t have to pay estimated bills anymore as smart meters are an accurate way to measure consumption. 

The device itself has a feature called an In Home Display (IHD) where all of this information is readily available. Because it uses wireless technology, some service providers allow you to view the information on an app on your smartphone when you are on the go. 

Importantly, the UK government wants all energy companies in Great Britain to have offered every customer a smart meter by 2025. Despite this target, even though your business (and home) will be offered smart meters, you don’t have to install them if you’re ued to your current way of handling your energy. However, they are a massive help to everyone since they have been quoted as one of the best ways to cut power consumption in the battle against climate change. 

They are great for seeing what you use, you pay for without any other additional, hidden costs that could catch out people who use estimated billing. By switching providers, you can choose your own tailored tariffs that are reduced because of the introduction of smart meters.

As part of our comparison tool, our experts suggest providers who use smart meters and are committed to the government’s net-zero energy plan. If you are unsure, look no further as the tariffs you can compare will do the talking. 

Ways they can benefit businesses

I’m sure many of us by now have had letters come through the post from our suppliers telling us about the benefits of smart meters in our houses, but have you considered the rewards that can be made by using them in businesses?

Whether you own a small to medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) or a larger company, smart meters can also cut down your consumption and therefore, your costs, so you don’t have to stress and can focus on the important stuff. 

The best feature that smart meters offer is their accuracy. By using them, you can carry out in-depth audits on your business to see where your biggest perpetrators of energy consumption come from if you are looking to upgrade your equipment. Meter readings can still be tracked on the go with handy mobile apps that allow you to continue working while saving time. 

Some energy suppliers such as SSE can also provide you with smart meters for up to 9 sites with Smart Meter Equipment Technical Specifications (SMETS2) meters. This can also allow large businesses to run multiple sites and track all of their energy usages precisely. Take a look at our other options for energy and gas suppliers today to see which other companies provide similar energy solutions.

One of the greatest benefits of having a smart meter fixed is that it is free to get one, highlighting that there are no hidden costs when you make the switch. Even though there is no need to switch to a smart meter, your business can benefit from the cheaper tariffs being offered to those who own smart meters. 

With the UK pledging itself to net-zero by 2050, by switching to a smart meter, you too can help reduce how much energy your company uses. You can carry on with what is most important to you whilst you save energy and gas by cutting down your consumption.  

As a business owner, you must consider the many ways your business could be wasting electricity and gas. As such, decreasing your costs will take time to come into effect. Take a look at our other blogs such as the New Year’s Resolutions you could make for 2022 or the blog outlining the ways you can reduce your energy use to see the many different steps you can take to offset your carbon footprint. 

Become a smart property today by getting a smart meter installed through one of the many energy and gas suppliers our comparison tool can suggest for you. There’s no reason to stop there, use smart meters to see where you can make changes to your equipment across your properties so you can cut your monthly bills, all while helping save the environment.

The decision is up to you…

Whether you decide to get smart meters installed or not, why not use our experts to see where you could be saving money by switching energy providers. We hope this provided some clarity on the benefits of smart meters and why they are being promoted by UK energy suppliers.

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