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When it comes to switching your commercial gas bills as a business owner, it can seem like the last thing on your list of priorities. It is often overlooked for some time, right up to the point that the contract is about to expire – and sometimes even beyond that…

With the rise of gas prices becoming an increasingly discussed topic, it is recommended to assess your commercial gas outgoings at the earliest convenience. If you haven’t looked in a while, then chances are that you could save money by switching suppliers, and avoid being overcharged. It can be a very tedious task – we understand this. However, we’re here to help. The following information is a guide on commercial gas, and if you need any further assistance, then we at Bright Utilities will happily do all of the leg work for you in your commercial gas supplier switch.

First of all, we will talk you through the ins and outs of commercial gas, allowing you to stay informed during your switching process. 

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Why compare commercial gas prices?

It is easy to forget about your Commercial Gas contract when running a business. Even easier not have the time to find the best deal and price for your business. This is why it is so important to keep on top of your business gas contracts as you could be getting hugely overcharged without even realising. By changing Commercial Gas suppliers, you could save up to 45% – that isn’t to be ignored.

At Bright Utilities we work with the UK’s top commercial gas suppliers. With our smart Commercial Gas comparison service we will make sure you get the best deal without the hassle.

Kilowatt Hours (kWh) Explained

Gas rates are measured in Kilowatt Hours (kWh), which means the amount of time it takes an appliance to use 1 kilowatt. For example, a 1,000 watt appliance would equate to 1 kWh, whereas a 500 watt appliance would equate to 2 kWh, and a 250 watt would equate to 4 kWh, and so on. 

It is often thought that it is the amount of Kilowatts used per hour by a premises. This is not the case so be careful not to get mixed up.

Average commercial gas costs for different size businesses

A business is classified with relation to how many employees work for it. The researched statistics below show the average unit cost and standing charge for each sized business:

Costs to bear in mind!

There are lots of various costs associated with your energy bills, which is what makes it tough to stay on top of. But with commercial gas, there are two particular costs to mainly bear in mind. The standing charge, and the unit cost. They make up the overall sum of your gas bill.

  • The standing charge accounts for the national grid’s maintenance costs, and the transport of gas from plant to premises. So this largely relates to the tariff that you are on.
  • The unit cost is the charge for the amount of gas used (in kWh) by your business.


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Tariffs available

A business is classified with relation to how many employees work for it. The researched statistics below show the average unit cost and standing charge for each sized business:


Switch commercial gas suppliers with Bright Utilities

Most businesses are renewing their gas contracts without even comparing the commercial services market, which is resulting in them missing out on thousands of pounds in savings when they choose the right commercial energy supplier.

We understand that time is precious, which is why we’ve created our quick and easy online commercial energy comparison website, to help you compare the best commercial energy services on the market.

This offers a straightforward solution to acquiring the cheapest and most competitive quotes available today.

Securing the most cost-effective gas contract for your business can be far from straightforward. Due to the numerous additional charges recently introduced and the various length of the contracts available, using an energy broker can alleviate these issues. Especially one which has established a long-term relationship with a wide range of suppliers, meaning they can provide a range of options and offer expert advice on the contract most suited to you.

If your current gas supplier has given you a high-priced renewal, get in touch with Bright Utilities before going ahead. Having an experienced broker in your corner could help you negotiate a much better business gas deal. We will also handle every last detail of your commercial gas supplier switch, from all the paperwork to negotiating with electricity suppliers. The whole aim is to save your business money and get the best energy deal for your business gas.

What to expect when you get a new commercial gas deal

Your new supplier will handle much of the changeover once we oversee the agreement of the deal. 

Also bear in mind that a credit score check will take place on your business and finances. This is to ensure that you are a secure and reliable customer to the company, and to prevent any issues further into the deal. It is important to ensure that any overdue bills have been paid, as this could disrupt the deal.


Information & F.A.Q

What information do I need to compare commercial gas suppliers?

All of the information you will need to receive a commercial gas comparison can be found on your latest bill. Also, all of the following information can be inserted into our comparison tools to retrieve deals from a range of suppliers:

- Your current supplier name
- The amount you pay per month
- Your current energy consumption, as well as the unit rate in kWh
- The gas meter number

By providing us with this information, we can then give you a list of quotes so you can compare gas suppliers and also work out which one is the best option for your needs.

How do I switch after my commercial gas comparison?

Thankfully, that is a very easy task on your side, as anyone who has switched a utility provider in their home before will be able to attest to. And then once you have made your decision to switch, we will handle all of the arrangements for you.

Crucially, there will be no interruption to your supply, either. On the nominated day (usually a few weeks after you have decided to switch) your gas will be supplied by the new company seamlessly.

Will my gas prices fluctuate?

The price of wholesale gas can change due to a range of factors, which in turn can then be passed on to the end user. For this reason, most businesses opt for fixed rate tariffs, which ensure that the rates are protected for the length of the contract.

Why make the switch?

As with domestic gas suppliers, there are a range of different tariffs available for commercial gas customers. These tariffs also change on a regular basis, so you should compare commercial gas tariffs on a semi-regular basis too. This will ensure that you are on the very best deal for your company. Checking out the best rates possible means that you will never be overpaying for your gas supply.

I use an IGT, so can I still switch?

If your business uses an Independent Gas Transporter (IGT) to receive your gas, rather than being attached to the National Grid, it is possible to switch suppliers, even if it may take longer.

IGTs are not used by many properties—around 1 million properties in the UK are supplied with this method, which means that standing charges are often more expensive, so tariffs may end up being more expensive too. Whilst some gas suppliers will absorb additional IGT expenses, others will pass them directly to the customer, so it is important to check all details of the contract before you make the switch.

Are there any green options for business gas?

Green gas is sourced in an environmentally friendly manner, generally speaking from plants or animal waste. Whilst green electricity has been produced successfully for many years, green gas is a fairly new innovation, which is not offered by all suppliers, nor is it offered in all parts of the UK.

There is debate over how environmentally sound green gas is, so it is probably worth getting into the research yourself and deciding what best suits your company and its ethical direction.

If you are not able to switch to a green gas supplier due to your location, you may wish to opt for a supplier who gets involved in other environmental projects, or donates sums in order to support these projects.

How to compare Commercial Gas prices?

When it comes to comparing Commercial Gas, it works differently to comparing household energy. Where most of the tariffs are off the shelf deals. Commercial Gas contracts need to be agreed and designed to meet the business service needs and tailormade for the individual commercial gas contract.

This makes it all most impossible to make time to ring around all the Commercial Gas suppliers getting quotes. This is where Bright Utilities comes in, we work with the top UK gas suppliers to find you the best deal for your situation and business. We do all the hard work, the paperwork and the even the switch all free of charge.

How long will it take to switch suppliers?

Generally speaking, switching your gas supply will take place between around 4 to 6 weeks after you have first initiated the switch. At this point, your new contract will become live with the new supplier. As mentioned above, the whole process will be managed for you, with no interruption to your service during the switchover.

What happens once I decide to switch over?

You will be contacted by your new supplier with a changeover date, and will receive a confirmation from your old supplier. Your old supplier will also require you to provide a final metre reading on switch day in order to ensure that your final bill is accurate.

How are commercial gas tariffs constructed?

Similarly to the way domestic gas tariffs are calculated, there is a daily standing charge as well as a charge per kWh of gas used on your premises. Generally speaking, the lower the cost per kWh, the higher the standing charge, so there is a balancing act required in order to get the best deal for your company.

Businesses who use a relatively small amount of gas may opt for a supplier which has a higher unit cost in order to benefit from the lower standing charge, whereas high use companies will probably opt for a supplier at the other end of the scale.

How much VAT should I pay on business gas?

Generally speaking, most businesses will currently be required to pay the standard rate of 20% on their commercial gas supply. If you use less than 4,397 kWh per month in gas (this information is printed on your bill), or your business is a non-profit or charity organisation, you could be eligible for a 15% reduction in the VAT chargeable on your gas supply. If it sounds like your business could be eligible for this tax relief, contact your gas supplier in order to get a VAT declaration form.


Did you know we work with The ITF?

Bright Utilities has been working with the ITF since January 2020 and for every company who switches supplier, Bright Utilities will plant 10 trees with the International Tree Foundation.

One of the oldest environmental organisations in the world, ITF has been pioneering community led forest restoration since 1922. With each donation, ITF will plant ten trees with one of our African partners.

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