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Compare Business Water

Up until recently, businesses were unable to switch suppliers unless they used over 5,000m3 of water annually. So, if you own a small or medium-sized business then you may be pleased to hear that this opportunity has now been opened up to nearly all UK businesses. This means that, if your premises are solely used for business purposes, you could be eligible to choose where to get your business water from. Switch to the retailer that offers you the best options financially and also the best service (compare business water to find out).

The price of water is universal (across the UK, anyway!), so it’s not like you will be charged more per cubic metre of water by some suppliers than others. That said, retailers have different ways of charging customers. It’s based on a fixed charge according to the value of your premises, or for each cubic metre that you use. Most water companies will bill you biannually.

Water rates and prices—what do you pay for?

With business water, you will not only be responsible for paying for any water your business uses, but also for the drainage of water and any other liquid waste that needs to be transported away from your premises. This is also known as sewerage. As we’ve already mentioned, the charges depend on your supplier. You will either be charged for the amount of water you use with an added charge on top (usually if you have a meter), or you will be billed a set amount each month. This is estimated based on the size and value of your property.

Ofwat is the regulatory body for the water industry in England and Wales.

Bright Utilities Foundation partnering with the International Tree Foundation.

Bright Utilities has been working with the ITF since January 2020. For every company who switches supplier, we will plant 10 trees with the International Tree Foundation.

One of the oldest environmental organisations in the world, ITF has been pioneering community led forest restoration since 1922. With each donation, ITF will plant ten trees with one of our African partners.

Renegotiating with an existing business water retailer

If you have recently purchased your business premises, then you may be keen to stay with the existing supplier for ease. Note that it is often worthwhile to compare business water rates, even if you have a lot on your plate! After all, if you have just spent a lot on setting up your business, saving on rates would be a welcome income. That said, there are often opportunities to negotiate better deals with an existing supplier.

You can’t switch suppliers to reduce your bills in the same way you would with gas and electricity. You also can’t change the way you use your water when running a business, as you would in a home. Instead, you should be looking at which supplier charges you in the most appropriate way. Having a meter installed is one of the best ways to save yourself the most money.

You are only charged for the water that you use with a meter. It will also find you the most appropriate level of sewerage. If you are confident that your business is going to be better off paying as you go, then it’s time to discuss the way you pay with your supplier. If you can’t improve your bill through them, then do a business water comparison check. Many businesses will pay more than necessary due to not having shopped around for the best price, so compare your business water!

Compare business water—how to switch

First of all, let’s recap how you might benefit from changing water provider. We can guide you through this process in case you aren’t familiar with it.

By switching provider, you might receive a better standard of service. You may receive more informed advice on how to save water and lower your bills by switching provider. You can check this if you compare business water prices online. On top of that, however, you will still receive the same quality of water—it’s a no brainer, isn’t it?

The first step to switching retailers is, of course, to find your best deal. Once you are happy that you’ve found the best retailer, then you will sign an agreement with your new supplier. Being sure to have your SPID (Supply Point Identification number) on hand to give them. It will save you a lot of time if you have this prepared. To find out your SPID, you can check your latest water bill.

Once you’ve sent over the required information to the new supplier, they will contact your existing supplier to inform them that they will be taking over your water supply. The information you will need to provide them with all relates to your business. The business name, the business address, your average annual consumption, your contact details, including a phone number, and some additional desirable details if you know them will all be required.

tap, compare business water rates

Save an average of 40%

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Settling on a service package after a business water comparison

A financial saving is one of the biggest benefits of switching your business water supplier, yet it’s not the only reason. Some businesses may have had a bad experience with their current retailer. Service is important, so they might be looking for a more customer-friendly team with whom they can communicate. Others may simply prefer the systems in place at another company.

If you can find a service that combines both excellent service and impeccable infrastructure, it will ensure that you never have to worry about your business water bills. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that they are accurate and the best price you could be paying. By doing a business water comparison, you could compare business water prices and analyse the different suppliers, ticking off your desired criteria in a bid to find the best match for you and your business. Comparing business water is easy, and is also a very worthwhile task for many business owners. This allows them to save money and therefore have much more efficient systems in place for their water usage. The same, of course, goes for their other utilities.

Supporting small, medium and large businesses

Small to medium businesses

As a small to medium business, it is rare that you’ll ever have much funding to spare. You will be constantly reinvesting your net profit to see the company grow. Because of this, your outgoings need water tight control. Your utility bills play a big part in your outgoings, so it’s important to analyse where costs can be cut. This is where Bright Utilities come in. Business water is a great place to start if you have not yet taken advantage of the government’s changes to business water supplier policies in 2017. Even if you have switched suppliers since then, business water is a constantly evolving market. Why not see if you can get an even cheaper water bill and keep your costs further afloat?  

Large businesses

The larger the business, the more the outgoings. Keeping on top of this to minimise your losses takes expert analysis from professionals who cut no corners. You need intricate and detailed assessment of every aspect of your business, including your utilities. Business water might be an afterthought when you’ve already got so much actual business related costs on your plate. But the smartest of owners will always pay attention to this. Allow us aboard to help you compare business water providers and save you as much money as possible. 

Not one business is the same. We are well aware of this, and are dedicated to providing a top tier service so that you can steer your ship safely in the knowledge that you are doing it as cost effectively as possible.    

Water audits

A water audit is basically a detailed inspection of your businesses water usage. It’s important to assess this audit and identify where you could be saving money. Water Audit Surveys offer a great service for businesses looking to get a water audit.

There could even be areas within your business where water is consumed unnecessarily. You can take action to reduce this.      

Ways to reduce your business water consumption

Water is a finite resource. This means that it is important to reduce your water consumption as much as you can. There are ways to reduce your businesses water consumption that doesn’t involve switching provider:

  • Make all of your staff aware of the importance of reduced water consumption. Having a mindful workforce will improve your usage greatly. 
  • It is possible to invest in more environmentally friendly plumbing. Low-flow toilets, sinks and other water outlets are available. 
  • If there are any leaks within your premises, it is important to identify and fix these straight away. A dripping pipe can lose around 20 gallons of water every day!  

What clients can expect in the long run

Here at Bright Utilities, once we make a business relationship with a client, we’re here to stay. We’re not here to cash in and run. We want to cultivate an understanding of your business in order to continually improve the costs. Consider us as an additional member of your team who have your financial reductions in our best interest. We constantly keep an ear to the ground in the business water market. If there are any more opportunities to make your water bill even cheaper, you can guarantee we’ll know about it. We’ll always be here to make sure that you will too. 

Compare business water with us – start a quote!

Here at Bright Utilities, we make business water comparison simple. Saving money for the client and their business is at the core of everything that we do.

Switching providers can be a long winded task. Providers will do all that they can to convince you to stay, in spite of the fact that there are better deals elsewhere. We want to save you all of this back and forth hassle. You have no time for this as a business owner. We will act on behalf of you to assess your water audit, find where you can save money, use our enhanced software to identify the best providers in the market for you, and get in touch with them in order to negotiate a deal on business water.

We’ll get a quote for you in seconds from our network of trusted business water providers. We’ll advise you, but it’s up to you to decide which deal is best. One of our friendly team members will be with you every step of the way during your search.  

We hope this guide has helped to clarify how business water is billed, and shown you how easy it is to complete a business water comparison and switch suppliers should you need to.

For a fine tuned, professional and straightforward service, look no further than Bright Utilities. Start a quote today and we’ll be in touch to set your business water saving journey in motion.    

Happy clients

  • Food Wholesaler 

When this business came to us, they were still with their set water supplier from before the supplier policies were lifted in 2017, and hadn’t even heard about these options on the market until it was recommended by a business associate to check their business water bills. That’s when they came across us here at Bright Utilities. After a quick phone call we made them aware of our network of business water suppliers offering much cheaper business water with whom they could switch to in order to pay cheaper water bills. In the end, we managed to save them £5000 in the first year with their new providers. 

  • Vehicle Finance Company

This company had been with their provider for three years, after initially seeing a great money saving opportunity with them back in 2018. After a couple of years, their providers then significantly raised their business water costs and so the business came to us in order to fix this. We worked with them to look at their current water bills, and searched our database to compare this with our network of lenders. Within a day of negotiations, we managed to secure our client a new business water supplier and saved them £2,300 on their annual water bill. 

Quick facts about water consumption

  • Reducing your business water consumption not only reduces your overall water bills, but will also make your business more environmentally friendly. 

  • Over 20% of the UK’s water consumption is from businesses.

  • Despite the amount of rainfall in the UK yearly, there aren’t as many resources available to collect water than other countries, meaning the volume of water available per person is quite low. 

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