Change Business Gas Suppliers

Make an Online Business Gas Comparison & Save Up to 45%

Why Change Business Gas Supplier?

There are a huge number of scenarios when deciding to compare and change gas suppliers would be beneficial to you and your business. First of all making savings of up to 45% is nothing to turn your nose up at, as this could save you thousands of pounds a year! Secondly comparing business gas suppliers and choosing a business gas supplier with outstanding customer service is vital. Because it doesn’t matter how cheap the gas is, if the customer service isn’t so good, it could end up costing your business a lot more in the long run.

Will I Have To Get A New Gas Meter?

It is highly unlikely that you will have to get a new gas meter installed unless the gas meter that has already been fitted is damaged and in need of a replacement. You will of course have to get a new gas meter fitted if you have moved to a property without a gas meter. Which is why if you change business gas suppliers with bright utilities, you can pick the perfect provider for your business right from the get go. 

Why Choose Bright Utilities To Change Business Gas Suppliers?

When you choose Bright Utilities to change business gas suppliers you can make savings of up to 45%. We can also help you compare all other utility bills for your business such as water and electric. Meaning we can help you achieve similar savings across all of your utility bills. 


Bright Utilities Foundation partnering with the International Tree Foundation.

Bright Utilities has been working with the ITF since January 2020 and for every company who switches supplier, Bright Utilities will plant 10 trees with the International Tree Foundation.

One of the oldest environmental organisations in the world, ITF has been pioneering community led forest restoration since 1922. With each donation, ITF will plant ten trees with one of our African partners.


Our energy experts can negotiate the best bespoke prices for your business gas supply.


We can provide your business with independent and bespoke prices saving you time and money.


The Business Water Market has been deregulated. We can help your company save on your water costs.

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