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From starting as two public-sector electricity authorities in 1943, SSE Energy was privatised and founded in 1998 and has been powering many homes and businesses since. The provider boasts 100% renewable energy from wind farms and hydro assets with renewable gas supplies, meaning you can power your company with green energy. In addition to helping lead the change for renewable energy suppliers, they are working closely with the government to ensure global net-zero targets are met at the recent COP26 conference.

Why choose SSE?

SSE has placed itself as a cornerstone in the fight against the climate crisis in the UK energy supply market. They have worked closely with governmental figures and speakers at the November COP26 summit to pledge the combined efforts to bring carbon offsetting to fruition. Part of this plan was by gaining signatures from figures such as Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, and UN President Alok Sharma to offer permission to build the world’s biggest offshore wind farm at Dogger Bank.  Something that other UK energy providers are have not set-out to do. 

SSE aims to give you far-reaching contracts that will encompass your gas and electricity bills, so you only have to worry about the important stuff. Additionally, they can offer your company electric vehicle charging stations to ensure your transition includes all aspects of your business. They already help power London busses and other infrastructure, so why not join their fantastic offers?

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Join the net-zero pledge with SSE

The company provides gas and electricity to businesses of all sizes across the UK. It currently supplies around 500,000 metering points, offers a variety of fixed-price and flexible energy plans, and all its fixed contracts include 100% renewable energy.  

SSE plans to invest £7.5 billion pounds in low-carbon infrastructure to serve the UK and Ireland, to create a future-proof objective to offer the country peace of mind during these turbulent times. They also are very flexible with their plans since you can switch to fixed or flexible contracts, With SSE, switching is very easy; it only takes three steps, and you’ll be guided through the entire process by a team of experts. 

Should you need assistance, SSE offers many accessible ways of getting in touch. Additionally, their website is easy to navigate, so you will never be without the support you need. 

The combined bundles SSE offer for electricity and gas tariffs have meant that bills have never been more time-saving, simplifying what you have to manage as a business owner. 

SSE’s ambition to build the world’s biggest offshore wind farm is crucial to their climate crisis tackling pledge. When it is complete, this plant will provide clean, renewable electricity to 6 million households in the United Kingdom. As one turn of their gigantic turbines can power a house for a staggering two days. 

The provider has already proved it can use its green power to fully supply buildings since they were called upon to power the COP26 venues for the duration of the summit. Further, a fully electric bus was driven by SSE from Glasgow to London and back, stopping at various cities along the way to promote the fact the company and the government plan to invest in renewable energy in order to help propel the UK into a sustainable future.

The “road trip to renewable” energy brought them into contact with small businesses, large organizations, and local authorities, who each had a story to tell about sustainability. The enterprise wanted to stress how important it is that everyone is drafted into the efforts of harm reduction spurred on by climate change. 

If you feel as strongly about the uncertainty of old and outdated resources used for powering the UK like SSE do, why not give them a look to see how they can help you and your business?



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Information & F.A.Q

Is it difficult to compare business gas and electric prices?


Here at Bright Utilities, we aim to make the process as simple as possible, by providing a quick solution and a bespoke deal to match your company’s needs. We will also ensure that you can run your business as normal during the switch to a new supplier. We also have customer services advisers available, who can answer any questions you may have and are able to explain the process in depth.

Why is a business gas and electricity comparison worthwhile?


If you are spending over £5,000 a year on business gas and electric as an SME. You should be comparing what is on offer in the energy market. Because whether you are with one of the big six energy companies or a smaller business gas and electric supplier. You may find that there is a better deal out there because once you begin to look at what is on offer on the market. In particular, there may be a pricing regime which fits the needs of your company better than the deal you currently have.

Furthermore, there may be a supplier who shares the business ethics of your own company. If you are concerned about your green credentials, you may want to examine providers who use renewable energy sources.

Contracts and business gas and electric comparison


Before you take the first steps in an energy comparison, take a look at your existing contract. This is because there may be a clause which limits the timing of a switch, specifying how much notice you must give your provider before switching.

There are however, certain circumstances in which your current supplier can object to you switching. Usually these involve any debt you may have with them, missed payments, or any terms referring to a fixed contract period. If they do object, they must tell you as soon as possible and explain their reasons for objecting, and offer a resolution.

Make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of any new contract you may be entering into, and make sure that you are happy with them. Also, there often wont be a cooling off period.

Does my business have a half hourly meter?


If your business uses a lot of electricity, you might need to have a half hourly electricity meter installed. If your business has a maximum demand of 100kW or greater in any half hour period during the day, then the law states that you must use half hour metering. If your business has a maximum demand of 70kW or more, you can opt to have a half hourly electric meter installed.

How long does it take to switch energy suppliers?


In most cases you can switch the day after your contract with your current energy supplier ends providing, we have given your provider 28 days notice before your contract end with your current energy supplier.

Why should I use Bright Utilities for my business energy?


Securing the most cost-effective electricity contract for your business is can be far from straight forward. Because, due to the numerous additional charges recently introduced and the various length of the contracts available. Using an energy broker can alleviate these issues, especially one which has established a long-term relationship with a wide range of suppliers. Therefore meaning they can provide a range of options and offer expert advice on the contract most suited to you.

If your current electricity supplier has given you a high-priced renewal, get in touch with Bright Utilities before going ahead with the renewal. Moreover, having an experienced broker like us in your corner could help you negotiate a much better business electricity deal. We will also even handle every last detail of switch business energy supplier. From all the paperwork to negotiating with electricity suppliers, the whole aim is to save your business money and get the best energy deal for your business electricity.

Why compare business energy prices?


Energy rates are always changing. Therefore, it makes sense to compare business electricity prices and switch to the best possible deal for you at renewal. It's not always about cost, though. You might choose to switch for better customer support or a tariff that suits your needs. Suppliers are no longer allowed to lock businesses into automatic rollover contracts, which means they can’t charge exit fees or include no-exit clauses in automatic rollovers. This could make it easier to switch business energy suppliers.

Is switching my business energy supplier a good idea?


Businesses use significantly more energy than the average household in the UK, so making sure you’re always on the most competitive electricity tariff is an easy way to save your business money. As well as this, if your current supplier has allowed you to roll on to a higher tariff, you could already be spending more money than you have to.

Using an intermediary to help compare business gas and electric

Here at Bright Utilities, we can support you and help you make a business gas and electric comparison. It is also important to understand that this is different to getting a quotation for your private home supplies.

There are few available price lists in the business market, so you will need to contact suppliers individually. Furthermore, some suppliers may not be interested in offering you a deal, depending on the size of your company and its credit rating. We can however take on a lot of the legwork for you.

We will ensure that the contract is tailored to meet your needs and explain any clauses that are causing you difficulty. We will also provide you with a list of the companies with which we can make a comparison.


Micro businesses and a business gas and electricity comparison

The size of a workforce may be a factor in choosing an appropriate supplier, since many providers will offer different deals for large corporations compared to SMEs.

The regulatory body, Ofgem, have also added another grouping referred to as micro businesses, and this may be relevant to you. These businesses qualify for different energy contracts. They must have fewer than ten employees, and show a current turnover of less than £2m, or alternatively an electricity usage of less than 100,000kWh, or gas billings of under 293,000kWh.

Remember that although business gas and electricity supplies may operate at a lower rate than domestic supplies, business customers are subject to the higher VAT rate of 20% in most cases, rather than the 5% applied to domestic supplies.

All businesses are also subject to the Climate Change Levy, which applies to both electricity and gas supplies.

Why you need to compare business gas and electricity


Most energy companies do not offer a dual fuel arrangement to businesses as they do to domestic consumers. This therefore means that you will have to have separate deals for both forms of energy supply. Many companies will offer a different rate, if you agree to take both electricity and gas from them, but this is unlikely to be the cheapest option.

If you use both types of energy, this means that you will have to carry out two comparison exercises, one for gas and also for your electricity supply.

Here at Bright Utilities, we can simplify the process for you and make sure that you get the most suitable deal for your company, and save money as you switch.

Business Energy Prices


With energy prices in a constant state of flux, you could be improving the position of your business by switching suppliers and negotiating a better deal.

At Bright Utilities, we also understand that it is not always only about outgoings. That is why we will look at a tailored deal which suits your needs. And also matches your green credentials where appropriate, and reflects a tariff which fits your requirements.

As well as this, we aim to provide you with all the energy related advice you need and help procure the energy deal which suits you best. And also by negotiating on your behalf. We can help you make better energy choices and take the stress out of comparing gas and electricity prices, and making that switch to a better deal.

So, let us help you get the process started and get a switch that suits your needs underway.

What is classed as a Microbusiness?


The rules are a little different for companies that are classified as 'microbusinesses'. These are small companies that either: use less than 100,000 kWh of electricity per yearuse less than 293,000 kWh of gas per year have 10 or fewer employees and turn over less than €2 million per yearIf you qualify as a microbusiness, your supplier must provide you with extra support with switching. For example putting the end-date and notice period for your contract on all bills. As well as telling you your annual energy consumption and how your old tariff compares with their latest options.

Can I switch to a green energy supplier?


Yes, Green electricity comes from renewable sources – like sunlight, wind, rain, plants and geothermal heat. Using an electricity supplier that sources some or all of its energy from renewables. Is of course one way of making sure your business is doing its bit for the environment. Please get in contact with one of our team and they will take you thought the options.

How do I compare business energy suppliers?


Firstly, you'll answer a few questions about how much electricity your business uses and where you're located. And then we'll run a search of all the available electricity deals based on what you've told us. You'll be able to see your estimated annual and monthly costs based on 1-5 year contracts. And also some key information about suppliers, like their eco credentials. Enter the postcode of your business. We can then access everything we need to give you a quote. Experts from Bright Utilities will study the market to help you find the energy tariff to suit your needs, then give you a brief call to discuss it.

What is the average saving I could be expecting from my business?


Our energy experts are very knowledgeable which makes it easy for them to find you the most competitive energy prices available, on average saving you up to 45% on your annual energy bill. Not only that, they’ll continue to monitor your tariff and let you know if anything cheaper becomes available, ensuring you never pay over the odds for your business energy.


Did you know we work with The ITF?

Bright Utilities has been working with the ITF since January 2020 and for every company who switches supplier, Bright Utilities will plant 10 trees with the International Tree Foundation.

One of the oldest environmental organisations in the world, ITF has been pioneering community led forest restoration since 1922. With each donation, ITF will plant ten trees with one of our African partners.

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