Are Business Water Rates Cheaper Than Domestic?

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Are business water rates cheaper than domestic? In short, yes. However there are many different factors to be taken into account. These are related to policies by UK water regulators Ofwat. Some factors include the nature of your business, the usage of water within it (usually measured through a meter) and the value of your property. Different businesses may require different tariffs with relation to their own unique demands. In 2017, the government lifted policies that allowed businesses to switch providers at their will. Before this, they had to go through set providers with no option to switch. This means that it has become a very competitive market with many suppliers offering vastly reduced business water rates.

Of course, a lot of business premises are larger and cater for more people than a domestic household, so the water bill is likely to be higher for obvious reasons. However, the rate that you pay for your business water will likely be cheaper.

Ofwat regulate these water rates on a yearly basis, so it’s a constantly shifting industry. This in turn makes it quite an open ended market, which requires consistent analysis. This can be difficult without expert help. Here at Bright Utilities we constantly have an ear to the ground, so we’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a look at the different tariffs when making business water charges cheaper

If your business is of a significant size, you could be able to use a large or intermediate user tariff. This can result in a cheaper water bill if your business uses a lot of water. Some of these tariffs have no extra charge when your water consumption goes above a certain amount.

Are business water rates cheaper than domestic? Every business is different. It could be the case that your companies water usage levels relate to the changes in weather. A seasonal tariff is available in this instance, where your water rate changes throughout the year, with relation to your differing meter readings.

If you are fully aware of your business water consumption rates, you may be willing to sign up to a deal which requires more discipline. This is known as a subscribed demand tariff. You will be required to provide your water company with a maximum daily demand forecast at the beginning of the year. This would be beneficial if you want an efficient and organised water consumption rate. However, penalties may apply if you fail to meet these limits, so it is important to be very clear on your water rates.

An interruptible tariff is available for business owners who could agree to reduce their water supply at given moments in return for a cheaper water bill.

Compare business water

Business water has only really become an industry over the past four years. Because of this, there are still developments ongoing. You may be unaware of just how much can be saved on your business water bill. It can run into the thousands. Start a free quote today with us at Bright Utilities and allow us to compare your business water bill with our network of suppliers. They could be offering huge reductions. One of our friendly members of staff will work to secure the best deal possible for you and your business.

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