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To summarise, the service I offer is very simple. I first of all get to know your energy needs, and what your current supplier situation is like. Then I go to over 17 energy suppliers (including the big 6), and get them to quote me their best offer for what you need. Because I can go direct to each supplier, because of my experience, and because I can get a price based on your actual needs, instead of something that is one size fits all, I'm able to get you some great offers. I then present these to you, and you decide whether you want to accept any of them. There's never any obligation, and it is entirely up to you whether you accept any of them. As well as this basic service, all of the below comes as part of my service.

Energy Review

What could be simpler?

As part of my service, I offer a no obligation energy review. Which in English, means, send me a copy of your most recent energy bill by email. I'll look over it, and I'll give you a straight, and honest answer, over whether I think I can save you any money.

Contract Management

Let me do the talking.

I have years of experience in the energy industry, so I know how to speak their language. This also means I know how to get their best deals. I can look after your contract to ensure you don't get hit with high renewal fees. I can find you the best deal from a range of suppliers, (including all the big names). And I can handle all the contract negotiations, so you get the best deal.

Supplier Transfer

I'll make sure the lights stay on.

One of the worst parts of changing energy supplier, is negotiating when one ends and one starts. As part of my service, I make it my job to ensure that as one stops, the other starts. I do all this for you, so you don't have to deal with any of that hassle. When you work with me, you don't have to worry, the lights will stay on and it'll be business as usual.

On Site Services

Sometimes you need more than just a new supplier.

For some businesses, looking to save money on their energy bills, means more than just switching supplier. If you're looking to become more energy efficient, we work with a number of suppliers that can provide low cost, energy efficient tools. Which can help you reduce your energy use and thus your bills. Also if you're wanting practical advice and help with on site works. If it's energy related, we can help you with that too.

LED Lighting Solutions

Longer lasting, brighter and more energy efficient lighting.

As part of our commitment to reducing your energy costs, we now offer a range of LED lights that could reduce your electricity usage vs a standard energy saving bulb. Contact us today for a consultation about your requirements that could lead to further reductions in costs.

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